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July 22, 1976     The Tuskegee News
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July 22, 1976

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THE TUSKEGEE NEW8 Thurmday, July t2,1976 PAGE 7 O~UPANy kmmmen Pu~k of Structures In hJdlitloc for Pvrpeas and sanitation; to fw ~wenco to of Wwlde for the regulations q~J~d appeals; to for en shd R the Maces of of Palky regviMinns to and waste ~ 0w~ct hw~n and to the I~and umlort end of the I e.4ovm~ ofmb of the wute waste. of ken welL. hazard to dme 'q~d0 H is the to disposal of ~noc In within In ~ As usnd In meqms upen by ~xqw the ,the property "Commenced" meant en owner or (u) A certificate of occupancy dmil qperetor has undertaken program allpetal system has been installed, met be a right of the applicant of construction of modiflcadton of ($) No person shall be hmued dhall be in the dIKr~km of the tractors, certificate of occupancy until HNdth Officer: however, amy porcon "Construction" means fobdcotinn, Snding by the Health Officer that all advel~dy affected by the denial of erection, or Installation of a q)pIIcabin health laws and rneltory li~ issuance of a codlflcoto of structure, codes have been compiled with. occupancy, or any person adversely "Existing Stru~ere" memos any (4) A copy of the cedlficato of did.ted by the denial of temporary structure constructed or on which occopaocy shall be dallvored by the rervlco shall have the rlghi to appeal construction has ~ on the applicant ta any public utility to the County goard of Heolth wfthin da~ of initial adoption of these cqmspany providinI the 0orvlco In ,twenty days from the denial of said regulaflons: except that any axtsting Mm:on County. certificate of occupmscy or sold structure which has undergone (11=) Existing S#ructures. temporary service. Tha County modmc~on after the de~ of Inmel (I) There is hereby req~i the Uo~d of Heal~ nmy dalng~ a adopthm of these regulatinm;, shall bsuonco of u new codlflcato of permanem panel consisting of at be roclasdflnd end considered a occupancy for any vacated axistlng ~ three (S) members to burr any The Drama Group of Tuskegee Institute will present "The Importance of Being Earnest," a comedy of manners by Oscar Wilde, and other scenes in the Tuskegee Institute Little Theatre Wednesday at 8:30. '~he Importance of Being Earnes" is a comedy that is exquisitely trivial. Jack is in love with Gwendelyn in a passionately trivial manner. He takes the opportunity to mother is out of the room. Gwendolyn does not'kn0w her suitor's name is Jack; she believes it to be Earnest, the name Jack assumes while carrying on his bachelor escapades. The cast included Eric Plummer, Charlotte Hayes, Wright Duncan, Wanda Greene, Lenora Adams, Akuma Ugbo and John Steele. The other scones include Salimu, "Mother and Child" : by Langston Hughes and "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw. The Little Theatre is in the process d renovation. Air condition- ing, painting and other improvements have been made. The public is invited to attend the production. Tickets may be obtained in the English Office, Hunting- ton Hall !01, from the drama YOUI Clm ~mm lira mere,/ INto wen~: I'UNI Mmmle Yew time: ~1 Men# end work with buelen~ end wmmm~ t7 peopla lad many merci FRIENDS I Learn edminlstratlva. suparvlsary end elan kills SUPlll Juin the Tvshegee teem: SPIWT ! tm us tofi yea ebe~ ew caw sands. Cd ~!4440. ihws.4et., 9 o.m.-I| mMm. WlgCOME WAGON OM mNy m=qd, w MW strUC~re. "Health Officer" meqms the County Heof~ Officer Pers~ to Title 22. Sections I and 12 of the Code of Alabama, 1940, as amended. "Mndmcatlen" any Id~dcol shonse in any structure, except that revtlne maintenance, relmir, and rupioc~me~ droll eat be coocklornd ~l c l~ngoc. "New Structure" means any structure built or Installed en or after the dote of Initial adoptinn of thee IIngulaflom and any 0tructvre oxistleg st rnltl tinue whld~ later undorgooc madiltc~m..~y st,vc- turn moved to other promises involving o change of location of~w the date of Initial edoptkm of these reealml~s shall be considered o new strvctvre. "Occupancy" means residing. working, congregating In, or otherwise gatherinR in a otructvre as defined under these rngulamms. "P~" moans the Steto or any political 0ubdlvl01on thorv~)f, Individual, portan~rshlp, firm, clutlon, municipality, public or private corp~ or InstttoHen, any trust, estete, or any taker legal entity end any suococ~, totive, agent, or ageocy of the foregoing. "l'~Mk Utility Cowq~w" meeN eny c~ny. board, co~, corporation Pertnorship, or Indivi- dual, ~ in the bueinen0 of providing aloctrlcal co~rvlco or water ~mdco for use in structures of occupancy, as defined in these regulations, in this County. "Sewage Disposal" means the method of disposal of human waste which complkn with epldlcek4e Stute and County Standards and shall in avery case be upprnvnd by me Health Officer. '~km~ctore" me,ms ,my Iw41dlq. facility, Installutinn, tent, trailer, or other contrivance in which peopfo work, reside, conqrelote, or "Temperery Service" mum Peidic utility consp4nys servl~ to a portion or portions of a structure whish may bu occup prk to the S.,d ~ of ~ of ~dd strvctorn. Soctlen & Cedmrn~ cd Oocu- peaty. (=) Now (1) Thor. is hord, y re red the issuance of o cortlflcuta of occupancy prbr to oocupyh any new structure. (2) No peruse shdl be Issued a certificate of occupancy until mqua~ to the Heofm Olflcor for en Inspecthm of the caw strustwe end ,tractors. If it is determined by lbelth Officer thm the ~ axlstiql arocture doe. not comldy with ell q~lcebie henim lav, s and unnltory wcl~, except g~ I~ w.rv4~ hays In~ dlKenth~Nd d~ Io mm-paymem. (2) No ~ shall be isNad = cortlflcuto of occupancy untll Snding by thO Health Offlc4w that all applicable health law= end unnltory wdoc hove ~ comlmed wg~. (S) A copy of the cor,flcute of occupancy shall be dallvored by the gppllcant to any public utility compeny praviding the ~ In County. (c) Tempe ry So, ,Oco. (I) A temporary codlfice~ fo, m~4ce may be issm~l for o imp'thin or portions of a structure which may be safely occupied prior to the final wmp~ien of the conctredine of building, provided a tamporary m.4hnd for the unfo dispc~al of human waste will be provided as approved by ms Heath Officer. A permit to construct a sewage dspecol systom must be obeuinad by any pereon from tho Noofth Offfc~. (2) A certlfisme of ooculmncy is ,mluirnd be~re occupancy en a I~mis is alkm~l. (S) A tomperery certifiers of survlco shall nut oxcood 110 days tram the date of issuance without ise permisskm of the Health Officer. (4) hcopttons to the pravhdens of Isis subcoctkm shall be made on an Indlv0duai coco basis by me xedth Officer. Section 6. VInlatlons and Penoffloc (a) it shall be unlawfol for any person to occupy any structure in Micon County. without such s#ructure having in proper working order, good end sufficient focllltins for the disposal of hun~m were. (b) It shall be unlawful for .my person to occupy any structure unless pessocsing a codificato of occupancy Issund by me tinalm Officer, except as provided herein. (c) It shall be unlawful foe amy publk utility ~ to connect or make avallehie for use any mrvlco, whlch tends to odd or encourage ascul~mcy of any structure, unloos o ocrflflcuta of occupancy has been hsuad by the Xodth OffOcor. (d) Any p, mN wbu vk~ eny Frovisl~s of tl~ Rngulmkms. or resists or Intedwoc witk the Health Officer in the enforcemem of the ~Wluintions shell be guilty of ndsdemeanor, and upon convkflen may be punished Peroua.t to Title 2~, sectinn 10t and 104 of the C~ d Ai~l~me, 1940, as amended. day any person is In vinialine onstItutos a m~Nrato offense. Property Owners n Macon County County Commission ~,~s. propose marriage while her ':Growing into Blackness" by students and at the door. (b) Any Pen~ ,~rk~d by m. d.dskm of ~'CeonW loord of Hualth my ol~n I~ktal re,bw by Sllq nutke of "ppl~l to lly court of kay h~ ~ lud,nct~ ,dthln twenty day0 of the ~ of ise CeonW kord of Noalth or the bard's penal. Section 7. InviTability. The prav~km, of thee gngdmk~ ore ~ end If eny Pert. coctlen. ,ubuct~. cleoco. F4nlre~ or ~rme of fl~n~ I~uk~en, ~ bu adjudged to be Invalid or unconotltutlenal by any court of lud.dlctinn, mo IndSmen0 dhofl not affect, imp4dr, or invalidate she ummindor of the Raealotkms. bu shell be confined in its oporutin~ to ise pert. section, s~mocti~, douse. paragraph or phrase of these ~almi~s that shall be diroc01y in the contrevermy in which such Judgment shall hove been nmdornd. Section 8. Repealer. Those IIngulutlons ore inteeded to supplement existing regulations, and no part thereof shall be o~struad to rupecd any axing nqlvlminns .pecificdly oeactod for ise lWutoctinn of Ix~lth end the ~ral of ~ dm~Ing wm~ end iso disposal of Induntrtal wasto: however, all previnoc regu4mlons naming to co~flcatl~ of occopency axrmly re dnd. Eocflon 9. Effective Data. Thase ,qalmlens shall become offoctlua Immndhnoly upon their upwav by ise Mocen CeonW IInord of Henlth. 9. Sheold en7 Nctteo, PereWqth, instance, or eny Pertinn of thoce .qalatinM be dociornd uocenstitw Ennui or Invalid for amy reins, sush finding shall not affect the ram,tinder of the ,,~demms. Ado~nd this I~h dny of Ju~, 1976. Chalrman, County ~ of l~.ofth. Ivy l~ooks. PAenmor.. G. Carl HNI~'. Calvin Daws, Wlflinm G. Ibid. end gob~ H. Story. BiLL FOR DIVORCE We have oDoortunities for men and women train to bncome: * Administrative specialists * Mechanics * Personnel specialists * Supply specialists * Vehicle drivers * Load-handllng equipment operators * Shlpping-storlng-recelving * Refrigeration specialist specialists Begin i newcareer at no expense to you and earn whiIe you go to school. Let us train you In one of these specialist jobs. Earn $327 a month while you attend school. After you have Completed training,.you eaml a minimum of $870.11 annually for attending weekend meetings. New enlistees can earn $43.48 for one weekend meeting[ Enjoy traveling through our countw while attending two weeks annual training each year. And get paid for the time you spend away from your civilian job. r" --" "-- -,,, .-,. ,,-..-,, .-.- m,.~ ~m,, eo ee Jeh--. m e,e m m4mj, I Interested in more in(ormation, Write1 Army Reserve Opportunities I 2001 Pepperell Parkway Prior service men and women can continue I I Opelika, Alabama 36801 their training in skills and 'receive pay corn-I I mcnsurate with grade. I Name ............ ^st---.-- l l Addrose ................. I [ I . 745 4491 clipFr more information. and mail to us. - rli City .............. ,.State.......... I I Zip ......... Phone , I In Equity Court Taskegee. Moccm County. Alabume. Lois C. Horton, Plaintiff vs. Ray Hoden. Dof~dent. The Defendant Is required to answer, plead or demur to a gnl for Divorce filed in this Court against him on or before July I, 1976, or $0 thoreaflor o ~ ludgmen0 may be token al~inst Ray Xortea. Wl~mass July 2, 1976. James M. Hopkins, II., IIngistor, Macon Count~ Commission has been informed by flunnlcutt and Associates, that Pleted the aerial photography, tax mapping, and appraisal of the County. re Vere many residents of the County who complained about the way that their appraised and the amount of the appraisal. any tax payer has any complaint concerning the appraisal of his property, you the Macon County Commission in writing on or before the 12th day of August 9 Your convenience the notlce below can be cut out along the dotted lines, and detail for submission to the Commission. ~-.~. ..._....._........__ PROPERTY APPRAISAL COMPLAINTS 'hl~ Pa~er,s Name Date ~tli~g Address Telephone Number ~0te: The following information should be copied from the notice that you received in the mall from Hunnlcutt and Associates. ~Plete Description of Property ~Perty Area Number ~Perty Block Number A ~ttef Statement of Your Complaint Property Section Number Parcel Number All complaints must bemailed to the Macon County Commission, ~ost Office Box 247, Tuskegee, Alabama 36083. NO COMPLAINT WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA TELEPHONE. L.S, In vice for any modern, a full-service up-to-date financial ser- bank first. That's us! F-~ch depositor insurnd to $40,000