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July 20, 2000     The Tuskegee News
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July 20, 2000

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Davts ~reres~mctions imposed. (From Page A-l) i over the sports program is vested solely in krsity administration, but Dr. Muse, an ial educator and administrator, knows just !much about the internal workings of the Dgram as Aubie. even less. idoes call Dr. Muse when major changes made. He calls to inform, I believe, after ~ions are made. Approval comes from !cry, from Lowder. gn receives harsh punishinent, be pre- place the blame where it belongs. Lowder ieven members of the board of trustees. iend of the last session of the Alabama Ve, a major proposal was before the law- p expand the Auburn board of trustees, to Lowder's control and to allow out-of-state ~to serve on the board. ~d down model of that legislation won i but not before it was agreed that Imwder he one of the new trustees. kted a Mobile lawyer whose law firm has ! more than $1 million in legal fees by var- ~ter-owned-or-controlled companies. Be has no power, absolutely none, to over- ~esrtS programs and demand that all the be honored. ke to know that Auburn University has re thar, $2 million to former coaches. Bimple. It is hush money. Almost as bad as don't tell. ~P your mouth shut and the checks keep E1 being paid for by the good people who ~nckets to our grand football games. how much you could provide the library demic programs if all that hush money yep. ~stees voted to shut down the journalism ets will nt ~ save $50,000 a year. Heck, Wayne all thisPurns former defensive coach, gets that in this~ear to not coach and to keep his mouth =i's contract spells it out--don t speak ill of pers pr~rsity of its board of trustees. I ask two men with a strong background in the law how they read the Bowden contract. I didn't suggest my understanding of it. The senior law expert, no friend o Bowden's, says there is no way that Bowden has violated the terms of the contract. The other legal eag!e agreed. He is not a full time tv man, he has not said bad things about the "trustees" but about a single trustee and he has said nothing bad about Auburn University. His daughter will enroll later this year. Bowden's brother-in-law, a coach at Clemson, s@s Bowden will tell "it all" if he is forced from his home. He was as quiet as a church mouse until Louder started the eviction proceedings. SItELBY AS VP? Talk is still making the rounds that Alabama's senior senator, Richard Shelby of Tuscaloosa, is on the short list to become George Bush's vice presi- dential running mate. Shelby's not talking, just grinning. There also are reports that Shelby, ff he does not get the VP nod, might end up with a very visible cabinet position if Bush beats Al Gore. Sen. Shelby had a fund raiser a couple of weeks in his 2hscaloosa home for Gev. Bush. My bride asked why we were not invited. I told her we were-at $25,000 per couple--for the private reception at Shelby's Tuscaloosa home. She was proud I declined. I mean, ain't no way we could eat $25,000 worth of finger foods. RILEY FOR GOVERNOR Talk that our congressman, Bob Riley of Ashland, may have his eye on a bid for governor of Alabama keeps making the rounds. It is known that Riley is growing weary of the regular commute and the daily grind in Washington. He might take the plunge to be back in Alabama. That would be a mixed blessing for this area. He has served our area well in the United States Congress. Paul Davis can be reached at 126 7~chenor Avenue, Auburn, AL 36830 or by e-mail at paul- dav~indspring.com T2ZI can bring a piece of Brazil to Tuskegee Christina. He said, "I know I was only her host father but I felt like I was her real father sometimes. Well never forget her, and I'll cherish her stay with us." 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