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March 11, 1976     The Tuskegee News
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March 11, 1976

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PAGE 4 Thursday, March II, 1976 THE TUSKEGEE NEWS Andso the Macon County Commission reaffirmed its - -::_==: ............... = - - - proR am in Macon County. Gocxt or bad move? Hard to COMMENT no doubt b n, y,m AND foresters The unusually dry weather has sent fire danger ratings high all over the state, and this county This portion of the paper contains opinions and has lost some 2,300, acres of forests in almost 80 -=mansnte. Local editorials are signed. Other items separate fires. Thats high and those are losses whichal~ear are expressions of those whoes names primarily to private citizens, appear and may or may not reflect the opinions of Yet the entre co n seems pretty confident Tuskegee News. Comments on SUbJeCtS of about allegations against the way the foresters here 8mural Ixublic interest are accepted. All letters do their business. During Monday's meeting there nmst he signed, home address given and conform to were complaints cited about property demage during published standards limiting length to 300 words, fires, foresters not getting to some fires, equipment be in good taste and reaso As a general rule, housed at their homes which are at one end of the ,mare than one letter from an individual will be county, and so on There certainly seems validity in published during a calendar month__ those charges. --THE EDITOIL It's pretty hard to knock a commission decision in this county when all conmiesionsrs unanimous in their agreement. That happens so infrequently during hot ========================= topics that it almost seems enough to justify the foresters and commissioners, and that bad taste in the actions, mouth fingered long enough to thwart funding for the There is a tendency among state and federalforestry department ye . employees anywhere to feel just a mite smug about If the commission has acted in good faith, and tn the their job security and functions. There is something a best interests ot all citizens, weql know before too bit more competitive, more desperate, about a man or very long. This county is going to he without a trained woman in private enterprise fighting for a living. The group of people to fight forest fires in a few months. waste, the accusations, the job bunglings come from Sure, neighboring counties will be available, and so the bureaucrats, not so much the businessmen,will municipal fire departments. But will that lk tl__e That may be a part of the friction between the landowner who makes his living off his trees and land coum3ission and the foresters here. Commissioners he able to do without the foresters? It is they, not us have every right and in fact an obligation, to ensure city folks, who will be the first to find out. that racial equality exists among all funded agencies. And only then will the impact of the ccmmisskm's But they would he remiss in their responsibilities if decision be known. they didn't want and demand more. There have been poor relat_ions in the past between --b AN VOlT | policies i[J[drf, P' | 'The Tuskegee Sews will not print letters from =..======----.~ citizens endorsing partic- Editor, The N ular candidates for office. _ _ i~ ~:L^ .. ,..~^ .k: Macon County; business-also, that of all the commis- In an effort to be fair to I WU~ZlU I~ 113 t~t~ b||t~ -- rtUni" ~ th ~ h men, laymen, churches and sioners, only Chairman Hay- 'all candidates, The News Oppu ty ~o an~ t e .. orgamzatlona alike, to good voiced any sup .port for has adopted a policy of cttL~enry of Macon Count~ ,~ont t.hia l.~nrmn~ihilitv for your sp undid support m. - -- =- "~ ~ the Forestry Commmmon s not printing letters which anu respona aecoromgiy. our (Tuskegee Institute~.t ..Iv t~ th~ ra!! M th~ operation, saying that we may suggest that voters V ........ J .............. "provided a needed servicesu rt a articular can High School Golden irtuosor_^l~o, v;,~ .... h,,t tn .!1 , . . ppo p - Band) efforts to attend the or;an"~at~ons~o~f"th~" ~un'd: to,the people,' whlch m our didate, or which might Dogwood Arts Festival in ~,g,~b~o~ h~,t~ tho m,tt~: sole purpose, suggest that one candi- Knoxville, Tennessee on last ,,T"~I'~V~RID~'~-" ~)"~ "~.~ date is better for a patti- year. , .... i S W I F T G R 0 W I N G BrianBradley kdar elected position. Macon County Forester Jud e~t on such let It was saia last year, mat ~11TT"PT.T " t?.t. ~z~o a. ~ " we wmted unt the last ........ Alabama Forestry ters will be left to the edi- . . - -Cltlzens contmue to ooast minute to appeal to the . Commission tors of The News. ublie for hel in the Do thin motto if we have not P-- .. . P].. ,, g" played our part in making To print such letters would force The News to wooa tuna t~ammg cam- . nai~n Let me assure the thin pr~de true and ever- open its pages up to a r:..~--, o .... lasting? The answers lieEditor, The News: flood of such letters, and cmzens oz Macon uounty ~,h =n. q~w~. ~.T'PTT.YI~TRV that this was not the ease. r~'~"~:~x~'~T"~"~'~w''~T~'"'-- An open letter to the also make for problems in - ~ thro h man ................... Macon County Board of trying te balance the let- ~Ilorts, ug y, ......... William C. Brassfield Education, employees of theters which support emadi- many Iuna raising activities, rM~m.m, nf l:tmnd~t w -- n in Au st .............. Macon County School dates seeking-the same ere vegu gu ox Tuskegee Institute Hzgh System, and so-called "con- office. 1974 and contmued through ~cnool~ " " cerned citizens of Macon I the day of our departure on , , April 10, 1975. Our efforts ' ~ County: . ' disordered environment The policy manual of the for this year began on July .... which now prevails. Meeting 4, 1975 when we offered the ,~ Macon County Board of of the board, while open to citizenry a chance to win, Edi~r, The News- _ ....... Education states that the the^ ~uu~,-.kv ......... ~ ~ ~, ~^ tax free, a 1975 Vega. To the people of Macon Macon. county ,.l~ru, ox "run" by the public. It is the Because of poor community County: " , . ~aucauon.. ss oemcatea, to board'-~ re--~,~nsibilit~" to providing the educattonal suvvort this vroject only I would like to let the ...... insist onorderlymeetings so netted $1280.-S~ce that people of Macon County oppormmues ano experu-, that educatson" business' can time we have svunsored__know the present status of ences needed, for each child, be d~,~--" ~,,~,,--:'t" m: ~- .... u,u~,:'=~-~" many other fund raising your . Alabama.. Forestry under its cnarge to attain fashion his/her maximum inteilec- -- ........ I activities; all to no avail. The uommmmon umt m our ..... ....... Each emp oyee of the general response is "What county, mat ano socmt mamment ...... school system m prod to work or .............. are you raising money forFirst a little background Furmer, me same poucy f r the system Since now? .. not realtzinl~ that a inzormation. Tne forestrymanual .... declares--"A child is thin: t~: ~O .... ~.~,,'~" mpIoyee .... the most precmus resource totally involved -musicalCommission is probably best should work for the system aggregation like ours is an known_ as. a fire control, of our society; as such he is not aeainst the system exponsive one outfit, but this iz omy one m ~?catintit l::o .too mt h :ocib:et; Employees should suppo~ The operational budget for the many phases of forestry, p gr the program of the system-- can devise" the Golden Virtuoso BandWe also provide free tech- . . be loyal to the system or ge, t havefr thebeenSeVendirector( 7) yearshasI create,nical advicemaintain,On how antd . philosoph~cali . strongly, suppOrtconcepts,theSeand, oUt.moneyIf .oUVfor takeyour thebread,S_stemv thenS because I do so I am con grown from $12,697 00 toimprove a forest of trees. . " give honest, dedicated work strained to urge the mum $23,244.50 for this academic We provide talks, slide " to earn your bread Each year. To keep the Goldenshows, films, etc. on various burs of the Macon Countychild deserves nothing less Virtuosos totally involved, forestry topics to different Board of Education individu- than your best, If you cannot the band boosters have had, groups, ranging from ally and collectively to move give your best and be loyal each year, to provide at least 4-H'ers to Boy Scouts toforthrightly to achieve these then leave and do something 95 percent of the finances to garden clubs, concepts. To do so will else. Please do not cheat our make the budget operative. We train volunteer fire require a changed course of children. The other five percent departments in brush andaction. Now for our "concerned" comes from the board of grass fire techniques, we Firstly, it is high time that citizens. Are you really con- education and the schoolprovide the technical the Board of Education cerned about the status of whenever funds are avail- servicesfor the federal ceases the petty bickering eduation in this county, or is able. forestrycost-sharing among themselves; the your concern vindictiveness This, however, is not programs, and we assist board needs to resolve these because your choice didn't I unusual for most band pro-homeowners with shade tree differences privately in an make it? Is your concern grams are largely financed problems. Generally, we try executive session, and then that you are carried away by their band boosters, to promote forestry in its get about the vitally import- with your disruptive Most citizens seem to feel entirety, ant business of education for "power"? How deep is your that it is a parental responsi- On Monday, March 8, 1976, this county. To resolve the concern? Have you visited [ bility to totally finance the County Commission potty personal differences the schools lately to see organizations such as ours. formally decided not to fund will require that concepts of what you could do in a |i This is truly a misconcel~ the Alabama Forestry personal aggrandizement constructive vane or are you L 'tion. This organization is a Commission office in Macon and political "show-boating" bent on destruction at any [~ community organization as County. The immediate on the part of individual cost? [! evidenced by our willingness effect is that, as things look members cease and the Do you really want to help [ to respond to your everynow, the Forestry Commis- board collectively resolve to or are you content to corn- call. Most citizens do not sion office will close in May submerge personal ambi- plain or distort issues in an realize that each time we of this year. The futuretious and work as a TEAMattempt to discredit the respond to this call we pay effect is that next year it is for the good of education in board? There are estab- t 50 cents per mile and $2.50 very unlikely that there will this county. This may mean lished procedures to present an hour for the driver, be any Forestry Commission that a majority of the board genuine concerns or Most eitizeus do not realize personnel operating in our may have to tell the minori- grievances in an orderly the wear and tear of hand county, which means little ff ty to "shape up or-s.hip out." fashion. Nothing but chaos uniforms as the result of any county fire suppression Secondly, difficult a~it may results in a disruptive constant involvement aetivities and greatly reduce be there is need for theenvironment. require coustant replace- technical services, training, Macon County Board of All things considered this ment, either of the total and teaching programs (the, Education in executive se~ county ought to have a fLnt uniform or parts of the only Forestry Commissionsion to request that Mr.rate scbool system and pro- uniform. Most citizens do activities will have to come Adams step aside. His public gram. We can have this if all not realize that as a result of from surrounding counties), utterances makes him a tar- of us work for good and not this constant involvement, If next year's fire season is get for constant criticism personal aggrandizement. in all kinds, oLweather, our anything like this year's, from this. point on. No I have no axe to grind; I instrument repair averages this decision could be very matter how well he may seek no offico, elective or f~00.00 per year. Is this a costly to the landowners and have served, his usefulness appointive. What I do desire parental respousibil/ty or is ;homeowners of our county, on the board is clearly at end and seek is quality education ~! R the responsibility of the The purpose of my writing 'now. H he does not see this, for every child. THEY community we serve? this letter is to infm~m the then the members should DESERVE NOTHING ~ Bands are community people of Macon County of dearly tell him the facts of LESS. oriented and become the the action taken by the life. T.S.Willkms respona~llity of the same. It County C~ mmisaioners this No board of education can '404 Bulk Ave. is time f~" the clfizanry of past Monday. Let me say function properly in the TuskegeeInat/tute ! ,j ii REPAIR WORK -- These ore the people who co television. 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